About 4work

4Work was created to provide convenience in designing personal profiles, portfolios, etc. At the same time, we hope that 4Work will not only be a place where users can simplify the design process but also use it as an online profile in the workplace. Most importantly, 4work prioritizes personalization in each user service; therefore, 4work makes a difference by collaborating with users to create a unique website for that individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

- 4Work page that fully converges basic information is integrated when combining both CV and Portfolio on the same page. All you need to do is provide information and images, and 4work will help you create a separate personal profile.
- Besides, 4work also creates convenience for you when you can use it in many formats, such as links, QR codes, pdf,... to help create convenience in your work.

Sure. 4work promotes personalization and your own style by giving you the right to decide on colors, concepts, fonts, etc. Therefore, owning a 4work page with a personal touch is completely possible.

- 4work makes a difference through personalization. We attach everything that belongs to you on 4work to your own style.
- In addition, on issues such as speed, site management and service support, the 4work team will accompany you.

Completely confidential. 4work focuses on privacy issues and does not track any of your personal information to avoid spreading it. In addition, 4work also backs up information and helps update information as soon as possible for you.

No problem. 4work allows you to create affiliate marketing on your personal website and make money. And of course we do not interfere with the money you make from affiliate marketing on 4work.

- Sharing your 4work link on all social media helps your followers easily seen and interact with all your important information.
- When followers access your link, we wil immediately analysis where they come from and what message they send to you.